Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings.. they are proving that they are the Kings among all other teams in the IPL Jungle. Winning or losing Games is not a big Deal , the Players who is playing for his team, a unity in the team with good spirit , the mixture of these things will , make any team a King like chennai.. Chak De CSK... you guys will rock the whole tounament..
Key Players
---->MAN with a goose Bat///////----> Mangoose Bat.=====> HAYDEN Blasting the Balls to the corners of the ground.
----->Dousra Surgean ---> Lanka's Hero, and Chennai's own Boy the record holder ---> MM(Muthiah MuraliDaran.)used to bowl the ball with the small jerk in his twisting spin , will create a mess on the Batsman head.

A goods sports man.. Very Lucky in all aspect. got good Managing skills, will handle all king of pressure .. and a cool person in the pressure full cricket field.

There are lots of Emerging players like,
R. Ashwin,

these guys are the tomorows Super Stars... a long Way Ahead CSK ... ALL THE BEST.....