Thursday, January 31, 2008

Man in Mars

hello every one.. the latest hot news is whether man can live in mars or whether humans surviving in mars.. this vedio produced or raised many conroverisal questions on questioning whether , its a man or not in this vedio. how can a man live in mars.

Is that mars is a safest place. does it have any oxygen, water, and proper climate.

so there is a serious commitee who all r reasearching about this issue.

if any one have interest in in.. do comment abt it

"spider" crater on Mercury

A NASA probe that shot past Mercury this month detected a puzzling geological feature that scientists on Wednesday labeled "The Spider" and found evidence of past volcanic activity on the closest planet to the sun.
The U.S. space agency's car-sized MESSENGER spacecraft on January 14 flew past Mercury, whose diameter is just a third the size of Earth's, and its seven scientific instruments gathered new information about the little understood planet.Data collected by MESSENGER showed that a massive impact crater on its surface is larger than previously thought. The probe is due to fly by again this October and in September 2009 before beginning a yearlong orbit of the planet in 2011.
While Mercury looks superficially like Earth's moon with a cratered, rocky surface, scientists said the new findings show they are quite different

Mercury is a mystery in many ways and its proximity to the sun has made it difficult to observe from Earth.
Mercury has been visited by a spacecraft only twice before, in 1974 and 1975 when NASA's Mariner 10 flew past it three times and mapped about 45 percent of its surface. The latest fly-by covered another 30 percent of the surface.
"The Spider" was the most striking feature described by the scientists. It is made up of more than 100 narrow, flat-floored troughs radiating from a central point, much as petals from a daisy or the legs of a spider.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bajji Is not Racist!!!!!

Three weeks after the controversy erupted, the racism charge against Harbhajan Singh was found to be not proven by Justice John Hansen, hearing the appeal, on Tuesday.Initially Harbhajan was been charged with a Level 3.2 offence , now it is been reduced to 2.8- abuse and insult not amounting to racism - to which he pleaded guilty and was fined 50 per cent of his sydny test match fees

In pannel , sachin and media manager of team india Mr. sridhar presented by accompanying bajji.

After this issue been cleard team india went to melbourne for their future T20 match in MCG, and Tri- series aswell among India, Srilanka , Australia.

for more details click here

Monday, January 28, 2008


Hyperkinetix is a Tamil hip hopband from Malaysia consisting of six individuals, Kugan aka Funktionz, Hashish, MC Cable, Yoga, Krisz & VJ. They released their first album titled “Rebornation” which was featured on the Malaysian Fusion X II Compilation CD released in the end year 2003. The song received good rotation on local radio stations. This groups dates back to 2000 where founders of Rapocalypse Records, an independent hip hop label in Malaysia, Kugan & Bala met up with four friends, VJ, Yoga, Loga & Krisz who were at that time thriving for a chance at the local music industry.
Seeing the potential these young lads had, all six of them decided to form a Tamil hip hop group which was subsequently named “Hyperkinetix”. As Kugan aka Funktionz was busy producing the album “Melodramatics” that time, it was an excellent opportunity to introduce the group to the independent English hip hop market in Malaysia which at that was on the lookout for something fresh.
Hyperkinetix recorded “Vetri” which was produced by group member Kugan@Funktionz and the song was released on the “Melodramatics” album which hit stores in June 2003. The song was an instant hit and received heavy rotation on THR Raaga, Malaysia’s No.1 Tamil radio station. With the success of this song, the group decided to take it one step further by recording a full length album. The album recording process begun in August, 2003 and was completed July, 2004. Their debut album “Vegam Vivegam” was released on the first week of August 2004 and sold more than 11,000 units in the first 5 months of its release/The first single from the album “Pirrepom Irrepom” which featured Emceedavid made a debut at No.1 on the Malaysian Tamil music charts and was at the top of the charts for a record breaking 17 consecutive weeks making it the longest running No.1 single in the tamil music charts history establishing Hyperkinetix as one of the hottest new acts to emerge in the Malaysian music scene. Vegam Vivegam is also the first tamil hip hop album in the country to breakthrough the international market with the album being distributed in UK. The group has been featured in numerous publications and also performed at Time Highway Radio’s concert in Malacca in front of a crowd of 40,000 fans."Por Vellum Varthaigal" which contain 10 brand new songs is a follow up EP to their debut album "Vegam Vivegam" and is set to take the Malaysian tamil music scene by storm. Album will be officially available in all stores nationwide from February 1st 2005. Just like Vegam Vivegam, the entire album is produced by group member Kugan aka Funktionz, one of the most promising producers in the Malaysian hip hop scene.


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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Miss America

Winning Smile:

Kirsten haglund is a 19 yr old girl and crowned as Miss America 2008 by former Miss America Lauren nelson during the Miss America pageant at the planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino In Lasvegas on saturday. hence many famous Hollywood Production company approaching Kirsten for their future project as their heroine lead. hence she is also decided to do many branded endorsement as a model.

Friday, January 25, 2008


if u missed ur old school , and college friends u easily can find them by the followin link..

create an accont , login and search for ur friends,,,
it really works.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


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January 24th , 2008 . BCCi officially announced the bids for IPL teams. and the winners are

Mukesh Ambani- Mumbai
Sharukh Khan- Kolkata
Priti Zinta - Mohali
Vijay mallya - Banglore
India Cement - Chennai
GMR - Delhi

hence these are the team owners won for IPL teams in auction...

each and every team cost more than 60 million

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


hey , he full name of Dhoni is Mahendra singh Dhoni.. and every one calls him as MAHI. he born in 7th july, 1981 at Ranchi, Jharkand, India.
His batting style is Right-hand Bats man.. and his proffesion in the field is behind the stumps. that is keeping the wickets and also know as wicket keeper.
His ODI debut was in the year of 2004 Vs bangladesh. and his Test Debut was in the year of 2005 Vs Srilanka.
He scored his highest runs Vs Srilanka 186* ( not out), were he kept the record that a highest run taker by a wicket keeper.
he has the ODI average of 45.36 , and the Test averege of 35.46.
hence these are the basic blog of DHONI,.. rest in the further blog

Boomerangx video

hey homeys.. hip hop lover may like this.. it is tamil hip hop number from boomeranx..


accenture is a company where it is well worse in the fields like outsourcing, technologies , and consulting. it is the company founded in the year of 1989 as anderson consulting . The main head quarters of accenture is in chicago. The CEO of the accenture is William(Bill) D. Green. The Revenue of the company by the year of 2007 is around $ 19.56 billion Net income of the company by the year of 2007 is around $1.24 billion. The Slogan or the Tag word of accenture is " High performance, delivered". The Endorsement and the comercials of accenture is been done by the Great GOLF pioneer "Tiger Woods". Further detals also can be clarified... write ur comments and thoughts.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Tata Motors unveils the People’s Car A comfortable, safe, all-weather car, high on fuel efficiency & low on emissionsMr. Ratan N. Tata, Chairman of the Tata Group and Tata Motors, today unveiled the Tata ‘NANO’, the People’s Car from Tata Motors that India and the world have been looking forward to. A development, which signifies a first for the global automobile industry, the People’s Car brings the comfort and safety of a car within the reach of thousands of families. The People’s Car will be launched in India later in 2008.Speaking at the unveiling ceremony at the 9th Auto Expo in New Delhi, Mr. Ratan N. Tata said, “I observed families riding on two-wheelers – the father driving the scooter, his young kid standing in front of him, his wife seated behind him holding a little baby. It led me to wonder whether one could conceive of a safe, affordable, all-weather form of transport for such a family. Tata Motors’ engineers and designers gave their all for about four years to realise this goal. Today, we indeed have a People’s Car, which is affordable and yet built to meet safety requirements and emission norms, to be fuel efficient and low on emissions. We are happy to present the People’s Car to India and we hope it brings the joy, pride and utility of owning a car to many families who need personal mobility.” Stylish, comfortable The People’s Car, designed with a family in mind, has a roomy passenger compartment with generous leg space and head room. It can comfortably seat four persons. Four doors with high seating position make ingress and egress easy. Yet with a length of 3.1 metres, width of 1.5 metres and height of 1.6 metres, with adequate ground clearance, it can effortlessly manoeuvre on busy roads in cities as well as in rural areas. Its mono-volume design, with wheels at the corners and the powertrain at the rear, enables it to uniquely combine both space and manoeuvrability, which will set a new benchmark among small cars. When launched, the car will be available in both standard and deluxe versions. Both versions will offer a wide range of body colours, and other accessories so that the car can be customised to an individual’s preferences. Fuel-efficient engineThe People’s Car has a rear-wheel drive, all-aluminium, two-cylinder, 623 cc, 33 PS, multi point fuel injection petrol engine. This is the first time that a two-cylinder gasoline engine is being used in a car with single balancer shaft. The lean design strategy has helped minimise weight, which helps maximise performance per unit of energy consumed and delivers high fuel efficiency. Performance is controlled by a specially designed electronic engine management system. Meets all safety requirementsThe People’s Car’s safety performance exceeds current regulatory requirements. With an all sheet-metal body, it has a strong passenger compartment, with safety features such as crumple zones, intrusion-resistant doors, seat belts, strong seats and anchorages, and the rear tailgate glass bonded to the body. Tubeless tyres further enhance safety. Environment-friendly The People’s Car’s tailpipe emission performance exceeds regulatory requirements. In terms of overall pollutants, it has a lower pollution level than two-wheelers being manufactured in India today. The high fuel efficiency also ensures that the car has low carbon dioxide emissions, thereby providing the twin benefits of an affordable transportation solution with a low carbon footprint.(For more information: ) About Tata MotorsTata Motors is India's largest automobile company, with revenues of US $ 7.2 billion in 2006-2007. With over 4 million Tata vehicles plying in India, it is the leader in commercial vehicles and the second largest in passenger vehicles. It is also the world's fifth largest medium and heavy truck manufacturer and the second largest heavy bus manufacturer. Tata cars, buses and trucks are being marketed in several countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia and South America. Tata Motors and Fiat Auto have formed an industrial joint venture in India to manufacture passenger cars, engines and transmissions for the Indian and overseas markets; Tata Motors also has an agreement with Fiat Auto to build a pick-up vehicle at C√≥rdoba, Argentina. The company already distributes Fiat branded cars in India. Tata Motors’ international footprint includes Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Co. Ltd. in South Korea; Hispano Carrocera, a bus and coach manufacturer of Spain in which the company has a 21% stake; a joint venture with Marcopolo, the Brazil-based body-builder of buses and coaches; and a joint venture with Thonburi Automotive Assembly Plant Company of Thailand to manufacture and market pick-up vehicles in Thailand. Tata Motors has research centres in India, the U.K., and in its subsidiary and associate companies in South Korea and Spain.

Hip Hop

hello homeys..! Everyone may have doubts on the differnce of Hip hop and RaP.. first let me clear u abt wat is RaP? RaP means Rythm and Poetry .. the orign of rap is in the year of early 1970's, by afro- americans, in New york city. This blown up due to the racism between , blacks and white. Hip Hop means culture. the way the live. There are five elements available in Hip Hop. they are,
1.MC- ( the RAP)
2.Art and Graftti
3. Beat box
4. break dance
5. DJ.